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For as long as I can remember I’ve had an interest in aviation – indeed, one of my earliest memories is hanging onto the fence at Old Warden whilst the Sea Hurricane started up. Fast-forward nearly 20 years, and although not quite hanging onto the fence anymore, you’ll still find me at Old Warden on a show day.

That interest has always been there, however it was not until recently (2013 to be exact) that I’ve really become involved in the scene. This coincided with (and was probably influenced by) my choice to study photography at 6th Form in 2012 – a bit of a lark soon turned into a hobby, which was furthered still when I managed to land a summer job working with the photographers at Classic Wings, the pleasure flight operators based out of Duxford.

My second day working with Classic Wings turned out to be a baptism of fire, with it coincidentally being 2013’s Flying Legends airshow. It was manic – and I loved it! One of my favourite memories is being stood airside as the Mustang tail-chase thundered in – Nick Grey in Miss Velma with Princess Elizabeth in the hands of Stevo Hinton hot on his heels and Marc Mathis bringing up the rear. I was hooked.

I’ve subsequently started volunteering at The Fighter Collection (TFC), helping with maintaining both website and social media, but mainly providing photographs. I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity TFC has given me to develop my photography, and am privileged to work alongside the engineers, pilots and volunteers. It’s not just about the aircraft.

The drive and determination that people have to keep these wonderful old aircraft flying is inspirational, and I hope that here at The Vintage Aviation Echo my colleagues and I might be able to share some of this passion.

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Steve Hinton, Jr breaks Absolute Propeller-Driven Piston Powered 3-Km speed record

Steve Hinton, Jr breaks Absolute Propeller-Driven Piston Powered 3-Km speed record

On the 2 September 2017, the Absolute Propeller-Driven Piston Powered 3-Km speed record was broken by Steve “Steve-o” Hinton Jr, who, in the highly modified P-51D Mustang Voodoo, achieved an average speed of 531.53mph, with the fastest of four laps reaching 554.69mph. This breaks the record (C-1e class) of 318mph set by Will Whiteside Jr in modified… Read more