Announcement: The Vintage Aviation Echo magazine

Announcement: The Vintage Aviation Echo magazine

We are delighted to announce The Vintage Aviation Echo’s new print magazine – a meticulously curated 200+ page journal crafted for historic aviation aficionados, coming in summer 2024.

Here you can find an overview of the magazine, and an FAQ section that should answer most pressing questions you may have at this stage. Click here to preview the magazine and pre-order your copy.



Introducing The Vintage Aviation Echo

Our heart lies with aviation preservation – we’re interested in old aeroplanes and the people who restore, maintain, own and fly them. That core philosophy has resonated throughout our work since we launched our website in 2017.

The Vintage Aviation Echo’s new magazine will feature a collection of face-to-face interviews written up with passion and integrity, and illustrated by the best photojournalism for an audience who values depth. We couple the masterful works of internationally renowned talents such as John M. Dibbs with artistic, reportage style photography from a cadre of dynamic emerging photographers.

The Vintage Aviation Echo will be dedicated solely to historic aircraft preservation. Prominent aviators offer their in-depth impressions of flying and operating some of the most beautiful, thrilling and important classic aircraft in the world, while we go behind the scenes at the world’s most fascinating operators, workshops and restoration facilities to profile the tireless work carried out to revive and maintain aircraft that would otherwise be consigned to history.

Each immersive feature article is illustrated by carefully curated and laid out imagery, with pages elegantly designed to give both words and photographs equal space to breathe – we can confidently say it will be an aviation publication like no other on the market.



Frequently asked questions

When will Volume I publish?

We anticipate publishing Volume I in summer 2024.

What can I expect in Volume I?

Volume I features twelve articles, full details of which – including a preview of the first two pages of several features – will be published on 18 April. Included are interviews with prominent names from within the aviation world, including John Romain, Charlie Brown, Nick Grey, Pete Kynsey, Eskil Amdal and Mikael Carlson. Volume I also features the first part of our landmark five-part Mark Hanna series; people asked us to put this into print, and we listened! The vast majority of articles in Volume I are new and exclusive to the magazine, plus a couple of our popular digital Echo articles updated with unseen written and photographic content and reproduced in print.

What sets the Echo’s magazine apart from other publications on the market?

First off – we aren’t looking to compete with established magazines. They each offer something completely different to the Echo. Our magazine will bring a different visual sheen to historic aviation. The whole product has the look and feel of an high end journal – a ‘coffee table magazine’, if you will.

How frequently will new volumes publish?

This largely depends on how commercially successful Volume I is. Realistically, it will probably be every six months. We have, however, mapped out articles for several editions and are actively working on Volume II already.

Will the magazine include news and airshow reviews?

No – it will be dedicated exclusively to historic aviation preservation. Other publications, both print and digital, cover these areas very well and we don’t feel it fits with the magazine’s ethos.

How many pages is Volume I?

Volume I is still a work in progress, but we are expecting it to be upwards of 200 pages – more than double the length of many mainstream aviation magazines.



How much will it cost?

Pricing will be announced on 18 April, but expect a retail price similar to other premium magazines.

Where can I buy the magazine?

The Vintage Aviation Echo will be available via a new online shop, and through a limited number of stockists to be announced at a later date. We are testing the market with a new, independently-launched product and are therefore adopting a cautious commercial approach to ensure the magazine’s longevity.

Will the magazine be available digitally?

No. The Vintage Aviation Echo is designed to be enjoyed the way magazines were intended to be read. We want our readers to relax and embrace their desire for something tangible – to be able to sit and immerse themselves in an exquisitely designed and printed journal, free from the white noise and distractions of digital media.

Can I pre-order a copy?

Yes – details of online pre-orders will be available from 18 April.

What happens to The Vintage Aviation Echo’s website?

For the time being, the website will remain in place for visitors to read the extant articles, albeit we will not be publishing any new feature content digitally.

Check back on 18 April for a full announcement, a Volume I preview and pre-order details.