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The Vintage Aviation Echo (hereafter referred to as "the VAE") has drawn up this Terms of Use Agreement to clarify the terms that govern your access to and use of www.vintageaviationecho.com.
The VAE is a non-commercial web publication intended solely for your personal use. The VAE reserves the right to modify, suspend or discontinue the VAE website without notice as we see fit.
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Unless explicit and express permission is granted by the VAE, you are strictly prohibited from developing, creating or publishing works or materials (including, but not limited to, articles, written works, photographs, images, logos, icons, link buttons, desktop themes, website themes, videos, montages, wallpaper and unlicensed merchandise) that dervie from, or are based upon, the VAE's Content.
You are forbidden from removing, interfering with, altering, bypassing or circumventing any copyright, trademark, logo or other proprietary notice on the VAE's Content using any means, direct or otherwise, including the use of any device, website, software or other service.
Unless express permission is granted directly by the VAE, you may not reproduce, copy, download, duplicate, modity, sell, amend, translate, publish, screen capture or mirror on another website or publication either in full or in part, any Content published by the VAE.
Should you wish to do so, you must seek written authorisation from the VAE's Editor. Until such time as the Editor's express authority and consent is given, no VAE Content is to be reproduced in any form as described above. The reprint, reproduction or distribution of most third party images or photographs that appear on the VAE cannot be authorised by the VAE, as typically the copyright belongs to a third party. Any requests to reproduce images or photographs must be addressed directly to the owners of the copyright in those images.